Windows 10 Creators Update prevents users from installing external apps

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    If you have used Mac OS before, you will know that this operating system from Apple has a feature called Gatekeeper. It used to prevent users from installing apps outside the Mac App Store. Now, Microsoft released a similar feature for Windows 10 and we will see it soon enough.

    In the latest Insider Preview build, a user discovered a feature that allows you to prevent installing all Win32 apps outside Windows Store. However, you don't need to worry about this upcoming feature. It can be disabled.

    In the setting of this feature, you can choose from three options:

    - Allow installing apps from anywhere.
    - Prefer apps from Windows Store, but allow installing apps from anywhere.
    - Allow apps from Windows Store only.


    If you choose the third option, Windows 10 will prevent you from installing apps that you download from a particular website. By that, you can only go to Windows Store, search for needed apps and then install from there. However, all other external apps that you have installed before enabling this feature will be able to used normally.

    This is a useful feature, which helps to protect your Windows 10 PC better. It helps to prevent unauthorized apps from installing onto your computer, such as adware.

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