How to get FREE 200GB Microsoft OneDrive for 2 years!

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    Someone shared this method a Facebook group, and I think this might be helpful for someone who actually needs. So here is the detailed instruction that you can use to obtain a Microsoft OneDrive account with 200GB of free storage for two years. One thing that good is that it's completely free.

    You need to know that this is a partnership program between Seagate and Microsoft. By that, Microsoft will offer 200GB OneDrive for free to users that are using Seagate products.

    Therefore, you need to visit the following link below to registry your product with Seagate first.

    It asked for a serial number of Seagate product?

    Don't worry! You can generate it yourself with the following structure:


    In that, X, Y, and Z are random letters. For example, NA96RABC, or NA96RUUU.

    If you can't sign up, try a different one.

    After completing the registration, there would be a SPECIAL OFFERS link/banner that you can click to grab the FREE 200GB OneDrive for your account.


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