How To Activate Your Free Windows 10 License After Changing PC Hardware?

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by nkpatel, Aug 20, 2016.

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    Did you know that after taking the free upgrade to Windows 10, your license will tie to the hardware of your PC? By that, when you change your hardware, such as motherboard or processor and do a clean installation, there is no way to activate your Windows 10 again, with the free digital license that Microsoft gave when you upgrade.

    However, there still a trick that you can use. The method is that you have to link your free Windows 10 license to your Microsoft account.

    To do that, navigate to "Settings" -> "Update & Security" -> "Activation" and then choose "Add an account" to link your free Windows 10 license to your Microsoft account.


    In the future when you need to change your hardware, just do it and then perform a clean installation of Windows 10. If you have just changed a few peripherals, Windows 10 may activate itself, automatically.

    But if you have changed a lot of components, including motherboard, Windows 10 may not activate itself automatically and see your PC as a new one.

    In this situation, navigate to "Settings" -> "Update & Security" -> "Activation". Then you will see the "Troubleshoot" option. Just click on it and log in with your Microsoft account that you have associated your Windows 10 license with.

    After that, you can tell Windows that you change your hardware on your PC and then select your computer from a list of devices.

    Also, you may try this, sometimes it works:

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    Great nkpatel!

    I have logged in to my Microsoft account and enable this option. It would be a good method to backup the Microsoft's Windows 10 license to the Microsoft account.

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