What’s New In Chrome 80 (Major Update Of 2020 With Many New Features)

All right so it’s time for another major chrome update this happens about every six weeks or so where they add a bunch of new features so this time it is Chrome version 80 you may have already gotten this update automatically but you can also check by going to the settings and then about Google Chrome and it’ll tell you what version you have or it’ll automatically update if you’re not on the latest and with this there’s plenty of new changes you probably will be interested in so we went through the entire changelog and actually found individual little changes that you might not see mentioned anywhere else and any other news articles so stick around there’s lots of cool stuff we can go over with.

1- Tab Grouping

One cool new feature is tab grouping so if you have a bunch of different tabs that are kind of related you can now group them together by color and name one thing to point out quickly is I believe this is not rolled out by default to everyone yet I believe in Chrome 81 they say will be rolled out to pretty much everyone by default but if you do want to use this feature now you can go to the chrome Flags menu so that’s Chrome colon slash slash Flags and then just search for tab groups or tab whatever and then you can enable it there so how it works is you find a tab you want to create a group from you right-click it and then you’ll see the option to add to a new group or add to an existing group if you already have one then once you do that you’ll see a color accent highlighting the tab and then you’ll also see like the colored bar with a colored circle next to it so you can click on that to change the color and then you can also create multiple groups of different colors so as you create new groups you’ll see multiple of these little circles you get the idea but now this way you can just group tabs together so you can way more organized them for those of you who create hundreds of tabs you know who you are but this should make it a lot easier.

2- Intrusive Notification

Alright now the next feature is really cool but you might not notice it and that’s the whole point and it is a lot less intrusive notification requests on websites so you know how sometimes you go on a website and it pops up asking you if you want to enable notifications to get latest updates and now in chrome maybe this will become a lot less obnoxious because it will actually start blocking notification requests on one of two conditions so the first is if you as a user very frequently blocked notification so, in this case, assuming it will stop them from popping up in the future and also if a particular website has a very low enabling rate of notifications so if there’s some news website and they pop up a request and it has a very low opt-in rate then it might just start blocking those requests altogether for everybody so hopefully going forward you’re gonna see a lot fewer of these requests which we are welcoming completely (for the scam websites)

3- Autoupgrade Mixed Content 

Here’s another feature that is more behind the scenes but hopefully you’ll be able to appreciate and it is Auto upgrading mixed content for HTTPS what the heck does that mean basically when you load a website you probably know that sometimes it’s secure it as HTTPS with a lock sometimes it’s just regular HTTP it’s unencrypted but a lot of websites actually have mixed content some of its secure some of its not for unimportant details well now chrome 80 will attempt to auto upgrade some of the insecure content so if it’s a secure website where most of it is encrypted for example but maybe there’s a couple of images that are unencrypted it will just attempt to see if it can access that same image using HTTPS in the background just by replacing the URL for that link and then if it does all is good and if it doesn’t well it’s not gonna actually affect anything so this is all gonna go on in the background and will slightly increase the security of a lot of different websites even if you don’t notice it but again this is not going to be for all content and it won’t be for all web sites or entire web sites.

4- No More Popups

Chat bot or mobile chatting, isometric concept vector illustration. Dialog sms icons or text bubbles on screens of two smartphones facing each other, isolated on purple, ultraviolet background

This next feature is awesome and it is another one that you will not notice because that’s the whole point and it is no popups on page unload so you may have come across plenty of websites where you close out the page and then it pops something up to try to get you to stay on the page or whatever now by default this is usually blocked in all cases by the Chrome pop-up blocker but now it will default to disabling these closing pop-ups even if the pop-up blocker is off so basically now this will not be the case anymore you’ll never see another pop-up probably where you go to try and close the page and then it’ll pop up some window now one thing to keep in mind is a lot of websites what they do is if they see your mouse going towards the back page or the closed page they’ll still pop something up so you might see these websites that still display something as you go to close it but there should no longer be the case where we believe where you can actually be stopped from going back from the page.

5- Scroll To Text Fragment

Another next feature is one we think is awesome it’s a little bit tricky to use but still the fact that it’s there is amazing and it is called scroll to text fragment basically it will allow you to create a direct link to not just a website but a specific part of a website so say you want to send a specific quote from an article to someone you can actually create a link where someone clicks on that link it will not only go to that website but also scroll down to where you want to link it to and highlight the text this is really similar to how some websites like Wikipedia allow you to link directly to different titles or segments of the page but now this will be allowed on any website regardless of how the website is laid out and it doesn’t have to be a header or anything it can be any text in there so to use this feature, unfortunately, there’s no really easy user interface option to do it you have to use this weird special code so basically you add the following to the end of the URL


and then the text you want to link to so yes it’s a really obnoxious weird thing you have to add to it I believe they did that so it wouldn’t interfere with any existing end of URL tags or anything but that’s what we have to deal with we are sure maybe in the future they’ll add a feature where you can highlight and then right-click and the link directly to it but that’s not the case right now anyway if you create a link like this that looks how it does here then when you click on that link it will take you directly to that set of text and highlight as well now one weird thing to point out is according to the chrome 80 release notes this feature is supposed to be enabled by default but for some users, it wasn’t working until they actually went into the flags menu and actually enabled it and changed it from default so if you want to do that just go into the chrome flag settings and then search for the one called enable text fragment anchor and enable that and that will absolutely enable the feature.

6- SameSite Cookies

Now the final update is kind of a major one that a lot of people are talking about it’s pretty technical and it’s more behind the scenes thing but I really should mention it because it is pretty significant and it has to do with how cookies are handled without getting too technical basically chrome is going to start looking on website source code for an attribute that is assigned to cookies by the website creator called same site and it’s meant to assign how the webmaster wants cookies to be able to be used between websites so basically there are first party cookies which are cookies that are for the same website you’re actually on and then there are third party cookies which are for websites that you’re not actually on and these are often tracking cookies so for advertisements or if a website uses material from another website for example maybe it’s an embedded video or embedded tool or something there might be a third party cookie accompanying that tool but it’s still on a different website so it’s technically third party and third party cookies now will have to be defined in one of three ways using this attribute either as being a strict lacks or none attribute and really the main takeaway from all this is that basically third party cookies by default will now only be allowed if they are sent via a slightly more secure method I’m not going to get any more technical than that but it should make it so sketchy websites are less able to do sketchy stuff with cookies basically in a vast majority of cases this is not going to make a difference to you at all you probably won’t ever know any difference almost the websites you visit but the end result is that you’ll get a little bit more privacy potentially and there might be less tracking from sketchy advertisers and stuff like that.

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