How To Get Followers On Tiktok in 2020?

You’ve certainly made the right choice because your tiktok-2020 influence however big or small it may be is certainly not going to be the same after these next few minutes in the best way of course today we’re gonna be discussing and breaking down how to get followers on tiktok-2020? and beyond what needs to happen in order to get you from 0 to 100K followers.

It’s absolutely proven and certainly has the potential to transform your tiktok-2020 presence on the platform so these  different tricks, tips and tactics that we are going to share with you in today’s article. so stick around for that before we get started I do need to ask one thing of you really quickly we would appreciate that drop a comment down below with your tick-tock username so that we can all help each other collectively grow just pick five accounts down below and follow them and others will do the same for you with that being said let’s talk the first way that you can start skyrocketing your growth on the platform is to

Find Your Passion And Define Your Niche 

The most successful users on the tiktok platform are known for a certain kind of video for instance Zach king predominant influencer on the platform is generally known for his magical videos with special effects this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t try new things certainly try to create a variety there’s a saying out there that variety often leads to virality which can be true but remember to always take it back to what you are comfortable with and good at making ask yourself this question do I want to reach if you create a laser-like focus on your talents and your personality and the audience that you want to entertain or you want to communicate a message to it’s gonna be much easier to stand out

Because you were so unique in that way so to find that and you will define your niche it’s also worth pointing out that the most unlikely content tends to go viral believe me there is nothing more frustrating and awkward and then spending hours upon hours editing filming creating a video only to find out that once uploaded it gets you hundred views right? so the key takeaway here the key lesson is to just experiment with different ideas because you never know what might end up getting you 10 million views.

Use TikTok’s Trends Effectively

The second way of How To Get Followers On Tiktok in 2020? is to capitalize on trends on tiktok’s discovery page

How To Get Followers On Tiktok in 2020?

you can view what content is buzzing and what are the new trends on tiktok-2020? what are the new challenges whether minute trends what is the latest version of uncapping the bottle or flipping the bottle most people don’t know this but if you actually go on to the tiktok app and you go to the discovery page if you click on the hashtag for a specific challenge you can actually learn more especially when a challenge is new and we mean within the first few hours if you jump on it fairly quickly and you make a video revolving around that it’s fairly easy to rank for that challenge

and remember that the whole idea of trends is not necessarily to copy every single aspect of it but to take it and remake it in your own way sometimes that means putting an extra person in the scene sometimes that is adding a plot twist or putting the different spin on it because if everyone did the same thing trends would get more in super fast and no one would watch anyone’s content a really great example of a trend that has been utilized in so many different ways is the 24 hour challenges that have been trending over the past few months keep typically set something up in a video and they would tell their users to come back tomorrow in 24 hours for part two and it worked really well because people would follow that profile so that they would be reminded of the next video.

“keep experimenting and see how your audience reacts and then make changes based on that”

Always Using Captions For Your Videos

So the third aspect of How To Get Followers On Tiktok in 2020? is to always caption your content and the distribution of content is carried out however just know that it favors engagement tremendously and creating a caption that is both descriptive and intriguing will give your viewers something else to talk about which will result in more comments and more engagement on your video, in other words, captions = comments = more distribution of your content.

so here’s a few suggestions for crafting a good tik-tok caption:

  • using related song lyrics
  • related famous quotes
  • famous related film dialogue

ticktok gives you 140 characters that you can use for your captions so make sure you utilize all those as best you can but also save room for hashtags which is something going to be talking about in just a few minutes.

Timing Is Really Important

The fourth aspect of How To Get Followers On Tiktok in 2020? is timing.
Timing is everything most people think that timing doesn’t matter content is content and it’s going to go viral if it’s meant to be NO! that’s not true from many user’s personal experiences and growing all the counts timing matters significantly now, of course, you need to know your audience so that you know what time to post at so to do this you need to upgrade your TikTok account to a pro-TikTok account it’s completely free and it’s super helpful and useful because gives you additional insight into account analytics, audience insights and other metrics that help you better understand your account

So that you can maximize it for growth so if we go on to the app and if you click on the upper right-hand corner under settings and you go to manage my account and you scroll down to the bottom you should see in red upgrade to a pro account so you click that after enabling it go back to the privacy and settings menu click on analytics and you can see that now you have access to all these different analytics of your account. so use this to determine the time that is best for you based on the territories. The territories based on the countries that are watching your content particularly and it’s super helpful in connecting with your audience effectively.

get free tiktok followersBonus Tip: another important aspect of getting followers on tik-tok and gaining new followers fast is to use trending sounds here’s a key open TikTok click on the create button on the for you page click on sounds at the top of the screen and from there you can see all the different categories of sounds that are currently trending at the moment so make use of these as best as you can.

Consistency is The Key

Our next tip for you on how to get followers on tiktok in 2020 is the consistency.

Consistency is key and by consistency I mean consistency and uploading regularly when you get a video that goes viral you always want to increase your uploads so that you can take advantage of the views and followers coming in you might even consider banking content for the first couple of days filming ahead of time so that when you do upload for the first time you have this deposit of content that you can keep uploading because let’s be honest it’s all very hard to do on the day.

most famous hashtags for tiktok 2020

The Most important aspect for How To Get Followers On Tiktok in 2020? is to diversify your hashtag unless you are already an established figure on tik-tok users will most likely not be searching for you so your job is to bring them to you through the use of hashtags when it comes to tik-tok hashtags a mistake that I see a lot of users make is simply using the trending and popular hashtags and simply calling that good and the issue is that that is what every other user does as well and your video disappears far from those hashtag results. so here’s what you have to do when you upload content you want to incorporate hashtags create a mix create a balance of hashtags that are both popular and trending and also those that are niche defined in specific and unique.

If you want to learn everything about TikTok in details with history visit Wikipedia official article for TikTok or if you want to know why TikTok called national security threat by USA please read this article :

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