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Whether you are writing a new blog post or sharing your images online, the size of images is very important. I agree that the quality is also important too. But when you create a new blog post and want to insert a few images there, then the size of images is the serious problem. If you add big images on your blog post, it will load very slow, and that's not a good sign for both search engine and reader.

However, to improve this, you can easily compress your images online through a few websites. All you need to do is just browse image files you want and then compress them. These online tools are very useful as they are accessible from anywhere and anytime, through the web browser.

So, I have created this list that contains top 10 best and free online tools to resize/compress/optimize your images in bulk. Just bookmark sites that you find useful and use them later.

Online Image Resizer

1. B.I.R.M.E (aka Batch Image Resizing Made Easy)...
As you know, the deadline is coming and Microsoft will not allow us to upgrade from previous versions of Windows, such as Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, to Windows 10 anymore.

My situation is that I'm now using Windows 7 and still don't want to upgrade to Windows 10 yet. The primary reason is some programs aren't compatible with Windows 10 yet. I'm using them for work and don't want to find alternatives.

So the question is can I take a reserve, somehow, and then upgrade to Windows 10 later the deadline - July 29?

I've recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and keep getting this problem when I open my web browser.

Actually, it does not happen when I open the browser. It just occurs when I close it. I don't really know why but after closing the browser, my computer freezes for approximately five seconds and then the blue screen appears with the "DPC Watchdog Violation" message.

For that reason, I have to reboot my computer. Are there any solutions that help me to fix this?

P/S: Here is the dump file.