7 Must-Have Tech Gadgets Under $45

We’ve got a bunch of cool gadgets for today specifically We’ve got seven of them all of them under $45. Most of them actually well below that so they’re really affordable You might not have heard of some of these but they’re all pretty cool and useful.

List of all The Gadgets with Amazon buying links:

1- Aimos USB Volume Knob: 
2- Yubico YubiKey 5: 
3- FebSmart USB PCI-E Card: 
4- MakerHawk USB Multimeter: 
5- StaticTek Ground Adapter: 
6- Bertech Grounding Block: 
7- Aceyoon Barrel Plug Kit: 

USB Volume Control, AIMOS Lnline Volume

So now let’s get started. So starting off with number one we have the amos USB volume knob which cost about 26 bucks. This one’s pretty straightforward It just lets you adjust the volume of the computer using the physical knob Which is a lot easier than always having to click on the volume button or pressing the buttons on the keyboard You just turn it and it goes up and down. It just plugs in via micro USB so you can use any cable you want it does come with one But we recommend to use a really short cable because It didn’t need a long one and you’ll notice when you turn the knob It’ll light up this blue light on the bottom, which is kind of cool looking when you use it and you can also even mute the computer by pressing down on it and then pressing it again unmute it so you can both control volume and just mute to and when It comes to Windows 10 at least it automatically was recognized by Windows which started to Automatically install the drivers so you don’t have to go and download them from some website or anything It should work pretty much right away. Even though this one might seem a bit expensive $26 just for a USB knob it actually is pretty good construction It’s all metal and it feels really nice and weighty So it seems like a quality product at least and super convenient. It should last pretty much forever.

Yubico – YubiKey 5 NFC – Two Factor Authentication

All right up next we have the yubico (Yubikey 5) NFC version for $45 Now if you’re not familiar with what these keys do you might see before they’re basically just a physical method of two-factor authentication Where in addition to typing in a password to a website you also? can use either a app to generate one-time codes or these physical keys where you tap on the side and the person who has the key with them, which would be you can log-in which is a really good way to secure website Even if your passwords get stolen not every website will support these many of the big services do like Google Dropbox Amazon Web Services your bank might it depends but it’s good on a lot of major services at least and both of these Even the cheaper model now support NFC so you could theoretically use it even with your phone so you don’t have to plug it in Obviously you can just use the NFC chip to hold it up your phone and that’s enough to authenticate it also it does have a few extra features for security authentication methods, so it’ll support you because one-time password and some other Protocols, we Should point out a lot of these websites support multiple methods So if you don’t have your key with you? You can still use like an SMS message or the app generator that sort of thing.

FebSmart PCIE 4-Ports Super Fast 5Gbps USB 3.0

Okay moving on We have a piece of hardware. You could put in your computer, which is the fehb smart USB PCIe card at about $20 and this is basically just a PCIe card that has USB ports on it four of them to be exact They’re USB 3.0 ports. So that’s like up to five-gigabit speed so if you’re running low on USB ports You can always add more assuming you have an extra expansion slot available on your motherboard and this one, in particular, does not require an external power source, like connecting it to your PSU which some cards do so That’s really nice You could just pop it in no additional wiring from your power supply But also keep in mind that is going to limit Potentially the amount of stuff you can plug into it and power so we believe can draw eight amps total which is enough to do most things most devices, but if for example, you’re gonna be Plugging another USB hub into this and then running a bunch of stuff off that that you might run into problems You might have to get a powered USB hub, but you should be of at least run it for things off of this. No problem It because it doesn’t require any extra connection to the PSU You don’t have to run into cables, and it should be easy if you’re not really familiar with opening up your computer It’s really easy to just literally stick in the slot. You don’t have to have much knowledge about it.

MakerHawk USB Multimeter USB Voltmeter Ammeter Load Tester

Alright, so up next this one’s really cool. Actually, you might not have seen anything like this before It’s a USB multimeter and the brand is maker hawk And this cost about twenty-five dollars depending on the model of the one you get but anyway, what this basically does is you plug this into any USB port and then when you plug whatever other device into this It’ll show you all sorts of information about how much power the device is drawing it’s a multimeter so you can see on the image below how much info it’s gonna show there and it shows things like the voltage and Amps being drawn from the device the wattage and also the total milliamp hours and milli watt-hours drawn So if you’re like mmm, I wonder how much exactly the battery of my phone has been charged you can show it on here and see if it kind of matches up might not be exact because it’s probably Calculation but still neat and there are even a few different screens. You can flip through so it’ll show a lot of the similar info just differently and there’s even one with a actual real-time graph showing the power drawn so that might be kind of cool if You’re wondering if like the power staying constant, or maybe it’s fluctuating Then you can see that this is just a cool thing for people who are interested in electronics not really sure how this might come in handy day to day use but it might like maybe if you’re trying to see if your phone is actually fast charging or not You can see the different amps and wattage is coming on to the phone, or maybe you’re trying to test out different Wall chargers and see if some are faster than others and maybe see if one is not working correctly something like that There are a few different versions of this multimeter you can check them on amazon with proper details.

Staticek Ground Adapter

Alright, so up next this is going to be a multi-partner actually And this is going to be good for anyone who ever works with electronics Like maybe you’re building a computer and you know how you’re supposed to ground your wrist So you don’t introduce static shock in any components and damage it but sometimes it can be difficult to correctly do this So the things we’re gonna be talking about here Are they static tech grounding adapter plug and the bare tech grounding block mount and together. These are about 25 bucks So this grounding plug is pretty cool You might be able to tell exactly what it does just by looking at it but it’s basically a plastic piece that plugs into an AC outlet in the wall But the two prongs for the normal positive and negative prongs are just plastic so they’re not conducting electricity But there is an actual metal plug that goes into the ground outlet plug and that passes through to the back where there’s a banana outlet and then this grounding block thing is basically just a really long cable that you will attach to the grounding Plug in the outlet and then it also has some ports for grounding You can plug your actual wrist strap into so you can mount this on a table You can just have it sitting there whatever and it makes it easy to run the cable So you don’t have to just have a super long cable connected directly to the wrist strap, which might be kind of annoying to Maneuver and stuff like that.

Aceyoon Barrel Plug Kit

Alright, this next one is pretty cool and most of you didn’t even know this existed it’s the so-called ACE UHN Universal barrel plug power adapter kit and this is basically just a collection of pretty much every possible barrel plug power adapter out there in existence So if you’ve ever lost a power plug for some device or like the power adapter that plugs into the wall Something like that. You’re like, oh my gosh, how am I going to ever use this again? because it’s some obscure weird barrel plug Well now you can get this adapter kit and we’ll probably have the one you need for all of these on the female end They have a five-point five by the two-point one-millimeter female. Jack on the bottom So you probably will want to spend the extra six bucks on the USB adapter cables for that specific barrel plug that are sold separately but on the same listing so Anything basically that is lower than five Volts two amps that can be powered by USB You can just use the USB to that plug adapter plug on the actual adapter and use it to power the device So this probably wouldn’t work for something that’s super high powered like a laptop that’s pulling a lot more than two amps But there are so many things out there that are powered by these random barrels plugs that you never know what size it is and you can it’s almost impossible to get a Universal one that’s gonna power everything. So this could come in real handy

Ailun Phone Tripod Mount

Alright now finally we have the Ailun Phone Tripod Mount for about seven bucks. This one’s pretty self-explanatory it’s just a tripod mount for a phone and it has a 1/4 inch screw that you can put onto pretty much any tripod and then it also has this adjustable Screw that expands it so it’ll fit pretty much any phone. No matter how big it is It’ll fit the biggest phones on the market today And of course, you can rotate it to be either horizontal or vertical, however, you want and considering the price, It seems to be reasonable build quality. It’s obviously all plastic, but it seems to be sturdy enough So if you want to make your videos more stable then it’s a pretty decent deal. So with that, those are all the different seven gadgets all under 50 bucks.

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